National Central Electronic Monitoring System (NCEMS)

The NCEMS is a central system required by law which provides electronic monitoring at every level, allowing both government agencies and private operators the ability to regulate distributed gambling. It also allows governments to monitor gambling at both national and provincial levels for taxation, fair play, money laundering and problem gambling purposes and allows event-reporting in a secure environment with data encryption technology and proprietary protocols.

The NCEMS being a web-based system ensures that it is accessible from any location via a laptop, computer, tablet or smart phone. It is highly secure, all data is regularly backed up to the cloud and it caters for automatic restoration of data should any device fail. This means that the hardware requirements for each site is minimised in terms of servers and uninterrupted power supplies. This has proven to work effectively in both smaller and larger gaming sites with a consolidated view for both the operator and regulator.


The cashless module leverages not off the Protocol Encryption Device (PED) but the Player Tracking Unit (PTU), with a Smart Card Reader and touch screen display. It has the ability to communicate to the machines with all the supported protocols.
An onsite cashier station will allow for credit to be loaded and removed off player cards. All player transactions and balances are immediately backed up in the cloud.
Cashless functionality can be added without losing the ability to accept coins and/or notes.

Business Intelligence System (“BIS”)

This is an application which allows the operator to analyse business performance and collect comprehensive data from all gaming machines, regardless of where they are located. Its advanced features allow for a user-friendly interface between the user and the data, thereby ensuring that management is able to make critical decisions relating to game performance, loyalty programs, trends and casino floor operations.

Machine Management and Monitoring

We offer built-in support for various protocols. We use mechanical meters accurately where no protocol exists, this is currently installed and in use within multiple jurisdictions by our Technical Partner (RGS). All protocols are directly supported by the Protocol Encryption Device (PED) hardware and software, there is no need for additional hardware and/or further protocol converters. The auto-configuration means that little technical skills are required to install and further maintain the system. The remote management of every aspect of the system means that it can be managed and maintained from anywhere in the world.