The Evolution system meets the requirements of both national and provincial laws and complies with the technical standards prescribed by the South African Bureau of Standards – SANS 1718 parts, 2 & 9. All hardware and software are tested by accredited Testing Agents within the Republic and are hosted within a secure data centre.

Remote Accessibility

All software and firmware are remotely updatable, which makes ‘fault finding’ quick and simple with detailed ‘remote-logging’ of diagnostic information.  All System components were designed to be self-maintaining and therefore require no IT skills for system maintenance.  A majority of configuration tasks of the System are automated thus making the installation and maintenance of the System simple and easy.  Configuration templates are used within the System and the overall integrity is further enhanced by the verification of the LPM configuration and software.

Online System with Off-line Capabitilty

The System can best be described as an online system with off-line capabilities.  All information is available in “real time” with an integrated mapping solution which allows stakeholders to manage LPMs within their jurisdiction.

Value-Added Services

As an optional extra, ‘Player Tracking’ with a card-based cashless system and a feature rich promotional module is available.

Turnkey Solution

The Evolution System (“System”) was designed specifically for the Limited Pay-out Machine (“LPM”) market in South Africa utilising the latest available technologies.  Entirely conceived and built in South Africa, the System features custom built hardware, firmware and server components tightly integrated for a turnkey solution.  The System is accessed via standard internet browsers for all user functionality which enhances the end user experience.  Complex tasks are combined into simple tasks to allow execution by users and requires no technical “know-how” in order to operate the System.


The System is ‘functionally rich’ supporting all stakeholders in the LPM industry and their respective requirements.  Apart from its main purpose of monitoring, the System also features detailed management of all gambling related assets, venues, licenses and inspectorate management to name but a few

Encrypted Data

“Real world” scenarios are catered for and the system accuracy will therefore not be compromised by machine changes, game conversions and events such as ‘RAM clears’.  The latest security standards and techniques are utilised to ensure that no aspect of the System’s information may be tampered with, even where collusion is possible.  Whilst most gambling-related communication protocols are not encrypted, the System addressed this ‘short-coming’ by ensuring that all data leaving the secure enclosure of the gambling machine is highly encrypted.  Furthermore, security (“significant”) events are logged for diagnostic and auditing purposes.