Who We are

Route Monitoring (RF) (Pty) Limited (“Route Monitoring”) is a 100% Black-owned South African company which was established in October 2016. Route Monitoring was formed as a special purpose vehicle with the primary intention of bidding for the tender for the operation of the National Central Electronic Monitoring System (“NCEMS”) and was successfully awarded the tender and appointed as the NCEMS Operator in September 2017. Route Monitoring took complete control of the monitoring function on 21 December 2017 after performing a smooth, seamless and uninterrupted transition of the Limited Pay-out Machine (“LPM”) industry from the previous NCEMS Operator.

Although recently established, we are by no means a novice in the business of providing monitoring solutions as we are equipped with the knowledge, skills, expertise and experience of pioneering architects of the industry, who were instrumental in setting up and managing the previous NCEMS Operator. Our management team is one of proven success in the industry and this is due to the number of years each of our management team members have enjoyed in the various sectors of the gambling industry both locally and internationally, and both from the Regulatory and Industry Operator perspectives.

Our majority shareholder and technical partner, Route Gaming Solutions (Pty) Limited (“RGS”), who provides the required NCEMS and related software and hardware is an established global system provider in the electronic monitoring in the gambling industry. RGS has a dynamic development and business team located in South Africa which is comprised of individuals who are at the technological forefront of gambling monitoring and management systems. RGS has a history of excellent service, expertise and substantial experience within the LPM industry, and specifically monitoring in South Africa.